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To give an introduction to Guruji is like showing a candle to the sun in broad daylight.

His Holiness Srimad JagadGuru Ramanuj Acharya Swami Sudershanacharyaji Maharaj or as He is called Guruji or Gurumaharaj by most of His followers was born in the state of Rajasthan, Savai madhavpur district, Padla village in a prosperous Brahmin family who worked as farmers. He was named as Shiv(shambhu) Dayal Sharma.

Since childhood He was an ardent devotee of Lord Narayan and had a fire inside Him for helping others.

When He was a mere three and a half years old He heard a saint sing the words

"Liya Diya Tere Sang Chalega, Dharm Karam Ka Nata Hai, Sai Naam Ki Chinta Kar Le, dene Wala Daata Hai"

Which translates "Whatever you give and take will go with you, religion and deeds are your associates, worry about taking the name of God, Lord is the giver"

The above words had a tremendous impact on His mind and that diverted Him to the path of devotion and the words of that saint had such an impact that no material thing or desire ever touched His mind thereafter.

In Badlakhatla, Vrindavan (U.P)< which is one of the oldest schools for Sanskrit students and teachers and scholars, He found the right teacher in His Holiness Guru Shri Govind Acharya who was a Guru in the Ramanuj tradition. He was formally initiated as a disciple of His Guru and completed His study under His expert guidance.

After completing His study He went to Kashi in quest of further knowledge. He read the Vedas, shastra,puranas,darshanshatra etc. and obtained a tremendous knowledge of religion from its root. He not only got a test of the powers of holy mantras but also got them under His control.

With the same inspiration He went to the deep forest of Bangarh (which is now a wild life sanctuary) about 200 Km from His village and started some severe penances. He continued his austerities and penances for 12 years. During this period of penances He made and stayed in huts near Todabhim at Panchmadi Narayani Mata, Bhartuharji and Pandarpur.

During the final stages of His penances one saint who appeared to be muslim by appearance (Lord Narayan) came to Him and said " My devotee You are hungry since three days, I have bought you three rotis(bread), eat it". But Guruji said, "No dear saint I won’t eat them." Then the saint said "You eat two, I will eat one." But Guruji refused.

The saint said He would eat two and offered Guruji one roti, but Guruji refused once again.

So in front of Guruji the saint ate all the three Himself. After eating them He said that "looking at Your penance, Your divine aim and Your pledge of helping the world I had come to give you all the three worlds but You refused. But never mind, tomorrow before nine in the morning another saint will come to You and don’t refuse to take food from him."

Next day at the given time a saint came and insisted Guruji to have food and Guruji on the advise of the saint who had come a day before took the food which was offered to Him.

The saint gave Him a benediction that whatever Guruji will want He will get. Since that day the world has been benefited in all possible ways from Guruji and this tradition will continue.

He has proved to be a jewel in the crown of the Ramanuj Sampradaya and the Vaishnav world, for which all the saints of the Sampradaya, to acknowledge His devotion to God, love for humanity and His dedication to help the entire world, unanimously gave Him the highest respect and position in the Sampradaya, the position and level of JAGADGURU.


At the holy banks of the river Ganges and the divine occasion of Maha Kumbh Mela in Haridwar in the year 1998, in presence of Jagadguru’s of other Sampradayas Peethadeeshwars,Tridandi Swamis He was bestowed with the honor of Jagadguru.

This was a truly splendid function, which people will never forget and those who missed will always regret.

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